The Worship & Creative Arts Team

God has gifted each one of us with talents and abilities that can be used to honor Him! This ministry exists as an outlet for the people of God to both find and express those unique gifts in creative ways. 


Our mission is to equip God's people to "engage" in upward/vertical worship in Spirit (experientially) and in Truth (on the basis of God's Word). We do this by:

     1) Focusing on prayer in every aspect of ministry.

     2) Creating numerous and versatile worship experiences (music, drama, video, etc.)

     3) Equipping the individuals that God places in our path.

Opportunities to Serve

Instrumentalists – These team members lead instrumentally for Sunday morning worship opportunities.

Vocalists – These team members lead vocally for worship opportunities as well. We utilize both male and female vocalists who can follow our SAT (Soprano, Alto and Tenor) model. Don’t worry, we will work with you!

Sound Technicians – These team members play the most important instrument: The sound board! Our “sound guys” are band members who rehearse and perform alongside the team on stage.

Lighting Specialists – These team members control the visual mood of the worship service! Our lighting board is not simply a tool for dimming lights, but for creating an atmosphere in which the people of God can remove distractions during worship.

Multimedia Specialists – A lot is packed into this category. One person cannot fill it. What the people of God see on screen affects their engagement during worship. These team members’ tasks may range anywhere from presenting lyrics during a worship opportunity to graphic designing or creating video testimonials.

For More Information & Rehearsal Times

Contact truelifeslidell@gmail.com for details.